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Four-Hand Massage: The Ocean Wave

Four-hand massage is another popular form of Tantric massage that promises the ultimate sensations to those who enjoy it. The treatment is also known as the Ocean Wave massage.

Just like other Tantric massage therapies, four-hand massage is based on the primary principles of Tantra. Instead of having just one therapist performing the Tantric massage rituals, you can now have two Tantric goddesses assisting you every step of the way.

The Four-Hand Massage Session

You have the freedom to choose any two Tantric goddesses we have in store for you. The goddesses will then work together in creating the perfect, highly personalized Tantric massage experience just for you. The session itself is also very customizable, allowing you to choose anything from the aromatherapy oil used during the session to the way your Tantric goddesses perform the rituals.

The common variation of four-hand massage is where a Tantric goddess takes the leading role while the other mimics her movements. The sensation produced by these rituals is very similar to the ocean waves, hence the name Ocean Wave massage.

Alternatively, you can also have the Tantric goddesses focus on certain parts of the body. A common approach would be to have a goddess massaging the upper part of your body while the other focuses on the lower part. You will experience a truly magical sensation with stimulations delivered to different parts of the body simultaneously.

A combination of long and short strokes as well as other Tantric stimulation techniques makes the four-hand massage even more enjoyable. Pressures points across your body are targeted to make the whole experience highly enjoyable and very beneficial at the same time.

Four-Hand Massage: The Rewards

Four-hand massage performed by trained Tantric goddesses can be truly rewarding both physically and spiritually. There is a long list of benefits just waiting to be acquired through a well-planned four-hand massage session, including:

Aside from these primary benefits, there are also a number of health and psychological benefits you can enjoy from a four-hand massage session. The therapy can help you:

As you can see, there is no shortage of benefits to enjoy from a good four-hand massage.

The Perfect Four-Hand Massage

In order to enjoy the best four-hand massage session, there are a number of tips you should always keep in mind:

  1. Always let the Tantric goddesses know your personal preferences and let them adjust the treatment throughout the session.
  2. Be as comfortable as you can be. If you are not comfortable with full nudity, you can always choose to wear undergarments for maximum pleasure.
  3. Book a session early and be sure to keep an open mind in order to fully enjoy the Tantric massage experience.

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