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Tantric Massage London


We welcome you into our Tantric Temple of Love and Light with a soft warm embrace from our hearts.

Our Tantric Massage sessions are designed to meet each individual's wishes and needs. According to client's different requirements, the session could change to meet your needs, but have a common path.

The Tantric Full Body Worship: Feel and taste the energy of your Goddess; feel her warm breath whisper into your ear, captivating your thoughts. A connection is created with breath-work; she gazes deep into your eyes, touching your entire body. You will learn to communicate your thoughts and emotions with your Goddess.

Nude Body to Body Massage: her nude body and warm oil rubbing against you. Feel all your senses awaken as she begins cleansing your sexual energy flow to create a harmonic sensual experience.

Sensual and Erotic Massage: Feel the warm oil dripping down your body, the smooth of her nude body as she presses against you. This is a combination of body-worship and the ever so enticing Tantra-taste ceremony to arouse your taste buds.

Prostate Massage: The Prostate Massage will be offered to discover and explore the male G-spot, coccyges muscle (PC Muscle-the hammock-like muscle hanging low in the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus). This can create a deep, intense orgasm especially when combined with The Lingam Massage.

Lingam Massage and Ejaculation Control: Your therapist will show you how to focus on and maintain those awakened senses. She’ll explain how to enable prolonged ejaculation, allowing you to utilise potent orgasmic energies more effectively. These Tantric methods have proved to benefit premature ejaculation and heighten your abilities. This is achieved by working your present energy, exploration and releasing you of mental and physical blockages, leading to a pulse-pounding sexual release of energy.


Our 60 minute foundation Tantric Massage Session is £120;

This is the foundation session, if this is your first tantric experience, we would highly recommend this session to you. After your arrival, you will be offered a quick shower, then asked to sit on the floor with your Goddess, a few minutes of Tantra meditation will relax your body and mind. Your Goddess will use her warm breath to worship you from head to toe. She will lead you to the massage table, using powder, warm oil and her body and hands to wake up your senses and build-up your sexual energy. You will turn over and she will perform the lingam and prostate massage, showing you breathing techniques to prolong pleasure and for a whole body orgasm.

Our 90 minute Bathing Ritual Session or Full Body Worship Session is £180;

You can choose how you would like to begin the session. If you are looking for relaxation, we recommend starting with a bathing ritual; your goddess will lead you to a warm bath, using visualisation techniques to relax you from your mind to your body. If you are looking for an erotic experience with a body to body connection between, we would recommend starting with the full body worship. You’ll spend the first 30 minutes on the floor with your Goddess; she will use her warm breath, beautiful nude body and magic hands to worship you. When you make the appointment, please mention which way you want to start your session. Either bathing ritual or full body worship will be around 30 minutes long; the remaining 60 minutes will be spent on the massage table with your Goddess.

Our 120 minutes Mutual Connection Tantric Session is £240;

Have you had tantric massage session before? Have you been with us before? Have you already met your Goddess? If all the answers are “yes,” this is the right choice. Our 2 hours session is created for the clients with some previous experience. You’ll be able to connect with your Goddess and see the harmony within. Tantra breathing exercises, eye gazing, mutual full body worship, devotion to yourself and your Shakti

Our 4Hands Tantric Massage Session £220 for 60 minutes, £300 for 90 minutes;

This is a double intense, unique treatment that you just have to try. It is not just massage; it is about an entire new experience. Our 4Hands tantric massage session has been developed using amazing techniques, using very long flowing movements in which two Goddesses’ use creative strokes in different styles, working in the opposite direction on either side of your body.

Recently our 4Hands session is at a special offer rate, please call for more details.

Our Unique Double Goddess Yoni Ritual Session 90 minutes is £330

Tantric Massage London After a warm shower, you will sit facing your goddesses and share wine or champagne with us. We’ll begin with deep, relaxed breathing. Connect with your Goddesses by hugging, holding, eye gazing (looking into each other's eyes for an extended time), or whatever brings you to a place of safety and relaxation. One of your Goddesses will lie on the floor to receive your Yoni worship using a feather, flower or your warm breath. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the feminine intimate area that is translated as "sacred space" or "sacred temple." In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect. After the beautiful connection we will start to worship you - our Shiva.

The double-Goddess session requires pre-booking. It is possible to book the Yoni Ritual session with one goddess, £160 for 60 min, £220 for a 90 min session.

Traditional Tantra Butterfly Session with 3 Goddesses - 60 minutes £300 donation

Whether you are in a relationship or single, young or old, Tantra will bring a new dimension to your life and your relationships. From the intense pleasure of multiple orgasms, to sexual healing and developing intimacy and a sense of spiritual connection. Tantra is your path to fulfilment. Tantra is not just about sexuality – it is about being alive to your senses. This unique session with three goddesses, will bring deep awareness of your sexuality.

Unique Couple Tantric Journey

Our couple’s Tantric journey with two goddesses in the same treatment room, is our unique way to lead you and your partner to a deep sexual connection. Be massaged by two lovely Goddesses, become thoroughly connected, get immense pleasure and be brought to repeated orgasms.

We create a safe environment for playfulness, changing the atmosphere for an extra special time together. Start the journey with Tantric meditation, open your heart to your partner’s, then your Goddesses will give you and your partner full body worship. This includes sensual erotic massage, pleasuring you and your partner sacred spots. Our aim is to help you and your partner connect deeply with each other.

Our couple tantric journey created for each individual needs, journey could be more focus on the sexual healing, or spiritual connection between you and your partner, or simple a playful fun journey. Before you book a session please call us to discuss the details and your preferences. 60mins £270, 90 minutes £380.

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