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Yoni Massage: The Therapy and Its Benefits

Among the many Tantric massage rituals is Yoni massage, an intimate massage designed specifically for women. The word “Yoni” means “sacred space” in Sanskrit, but it is often loosely translated to the female sacred temple or vagina. As the name suggests, Yoni massage focuses on the female pelvic region.

The practice of Yoni massage itself is not something new; it has been a highly rewarding therapy for many years, bringing benefits including better sexual control and spiritual enlightenment to those who enjoy the practice of Yoni massage.

Goals of a Yoni Massage Session

Before you enter a Yoni massage session, it is necessary to understand that orgasm is not the primary goal of the therapy. Instead, orgasm at the end of a Yoni massage session is seen as a pleasant bonus. The orgasm you get from a series of Yoni massage stimulations and rituals is also very different; the pleasure is multiplied greatly, giving you the ultimate form of orgasm unlike anything you have experienced before.

The true goal of Yoni massage is to connect with your inner self. The massage allows you to get in touch with your feminine core and spiritual being, giving you not only direct benefits from the experience but also a more positive view towards life in general.

The Yoni Massage Session

Although a Yoni massage is designed to stimulate the female sacred temple, the therapy is actually a whole-body experience. Soft touches and stimulations are delivered across your body before the Tantric goddess focuses on your Yoni area.

Target points are stimulated to allow the release of chakra and an improved flow of energy. This is one of the main reasons why Yoni massage - although very exciting - is very relaxing by nature. Be fully comfortable and let yourself slip into a deeper state of relaxation to fully enjoy the Yoni massage experience.

Control of sexual energy is taught through a series of stimulations to the vagina. As you get closer and closer to an orgasm, the Tantric goddess assisting you will step back and allow you to control the flow and magnitude of your sexual energy. This ritual is done repeatedly, which means you can master the ultimate sexual energy control all in one session.

At the end of the session, a nice warm bath will help you relax even further. Paired with the correct aromatherapy oil, the warm bath helps release any remaining tension and allow your body to recharge itself at an even faster rate.

Benefits of Yoni Massage

The rituals of Yoni massage are indeed very rewarding. As you can see from the previous explanation, there are a number of benefits to enjoy from a good Yoni massage session. Yoni massage can help:

Pair the relaxing and highly enjoyable nature of Yoni massage with these benefits, and you have a therapy that shouldn't be missed.

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